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Jinzhou is a prefecture-level city of Liaoning province in China. Jinzhou is China's northernmost seaport and the coastal economic center of West Liaoning, with a population of just over 3 million people. Jinzhou is an ancient city boasting over a thousand years of history, which has fostered a strong cultural tradition. The writer Xiao Jun, singer Tong Tiexin, painter Zhang Ding, and calligrapher Da Kang, all of whom are distinguished in China, each hail from Jinzhou. It is also one of the major industrial cities of new China. The industrial sector now focuses on petroleum, machinery, electronics, and light industry. Nearly 100 high-tech products made in Jinzhou are distributed worldwide. Jinzhou has a coast-line of some 60 miles that abounds with marine life. A vast plain offers an abundant harvest of food crops- Jinzhou is the base for the production of grain, vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs and milk for all of China's northern region.

Green mountains and blue water add more glamour to this beautiful city. Mount Yiwulu shows her magnificence in the rolling range, one of the great mountains of northern China. Five emperors of the Qing Dynasty visited and left immortal inscriptions. Other tourist sites such as the Twin Pagoda of Beizhen, Beizhen Temple, Fengguo Temple, and Wanfo Grotto all enjoy a long history and are noted historical sites under state protection. Beautiful natural scenery and valuable historic heritage have helped Jinzhou become a major tourist city in the region.

View our slideshow from our 2013 visit to the World Landscape and Art Expo in Jinzhou, China:

In 2010, Arvada Sister Cities International visited the city of Jinzhou. ASCI was able to meet with local leaders and ordinary citizens, experiencing much of the rich culture offered by Jinzhou. ASCI visited some fantastic local heritage sites, which you can see in the photo gallery below. In 2011, a delegation from Jinzhou returned the favor with a visit to Arvada. We were honored to show our guests a great experience in Colorado, and help them learn more about life in Arvada.

In 2013, Jinzhou hosted the World Landscape and Art Expo. A delegation from ASCI visited Jinzhou for this historic event. This event provided a fantastic opportunity for ASCI to discuss continued business and education exchanges with Jinzhou. The Expo itself was phenomenal, with amazing exhibits rooted in nature, art, and history. ASCI looks forward to our continued exchanges of information and culture with Jinzhou.

Locally, Arvada Sister Cities International also works with the Colorado Chinese Chamber of Commerce on various special events and presentations.

See our photos below from ASCI's 2010 visit to Jinzhou and the 2011 visit to Arvada from the Jinzhou delegation.


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