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With a population of just over 180,000, Kyzylorda is the capital of its local province in Kazakhstan. Kyzylorda was founded in 1820 as a fortress city. In 1925, the city briefly became the capital of Kazakhstan. The name of the city is translated as "Red Fort."  Kyzylorda is also known for its rice production. There are many hundreds of hectares of rice grown in the area and at least two rice mills operate in the city. Kyzylorda has one airport and has developed as the supply center of the important oilfields in the nearby Turgay Basin.

The Kyzylorda region is one of the historical centers of the Silk Road. Tourist centers organize sightseeing trips on this route, which includes the historical cities Sauran and Shyganak, archeological monuments and mausoleums, the mosque Aktas, the memorial complex of Korkyt Ata and a well-known Baikonur cosmodrome. There are 543 monuments in the Kyzylorda region, and 495 of them are of great value as historical and religious monuments. Most are architectural and archeological monuments and mausoleums related to notable historical figures from Kazakhstan's past.  Kyzylorda has a long history of art, jewelry making, and other cultural activities. Visitors to Kyzylorda can also find a wealth of information at the Historical Museum or enjoy the hectic street market bustle of the Old Bazaar.

NEW in 2016- Host Families Needed for Visiting Delegation from Kazakhstan
Arvada Sister Cities International is seeking host families this October to house young entrepreneurs from Kazakhstan, which will include delegates from Arvada’s sister city of Kyzylorda. The delegates are taking part in the congressionally sponsored Open World program, which brings young political and civic leaders from Eurasia and other countries to the United States for short-term professional trips.

The delegation will be visiting Arvada on October 7-15 for a program focusing on maker space organizations. Highlights of their program will include meetings with municipal government and business officials in Arvada, a talk with students at the Idea Lab at Red Rocks Community College, and visits to numerous maker and hacker spaces, start-ups, and tech companies in Arvada and surrounding communities. Host families are need to house six participants from Kazakhstan and one interpreter. Requirements include provide a separate bedroom and bathroom for the participant, daily breakfast and some dinners, transportation to and from a central meeting location each day, and general hospitality. For more details please see the hosting flyer.

Established by Congress in 1999 on a bipartisan basis, the Open World program also aids Congress with interparliamentary and other legislative activities, and links Members of Congress to Eurasian leaders, and is an instrument for Americans engaged in citizen diplomacy. Open World is managed by the Open World Leadership Center, a U.S. legislative branch agency. More information can be found at www.openworld.gov.

For more information or to volunteer to be a host family, please contact Edna Gordan by phone at 303-550-2246 or 303-425-1789 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Jeffrey Magnuson at 202-441-7182 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ASCI's first trip to Kyzylorda was in 1999, and the following year we hosted the city mayor and Vice Governor of the Oblast of Kyzylorda. We have hosted nine exchanges to date, and have sent five delegations to Kyzylorda. In 2003, ASCI received grant money for an emergency preparedness exchange in which we trained two dozen first responders, educators and city workers. In turn, these two dozen trained 200 university students in the Citizen Emergency Response Team approach to disaster response. This was the first known translation of this FEMA program into the Russian language, and we also shared it with another sister city partnership in Azerbaijan.

A medical survey conducted by ASCI launched subsequent fund-raising that sent over one million dollars of medical supplies to Kyzylorda in cooperation with Project Cure and Rotary International. Individuals, businesses and churches in the Arvada area contributed money, which was matched and rematched by Rotary International and our two local clubs. In 2008 and 2010 ASCI participated in the Open World Program (sponsored by Congress). This involved learning from medical professionals and health department officials on the subjects of medical education and establishing standards of care and treatment. Our second experience provided knowledge from engineers and Energy Department officials regarding renewable energy. ASCI continues to explore future Open World Program opportunities with Kazakhstan.

These photos illustrate ASCI visits to Kyzylorda, as well as cultural gifts sent by the Kyzylorda delegation to ASCI.


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