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Mechelen is a Dutch-speaking city and municipality in the province of Antwerp in Belgium, with a population of just over 80,000. Mechelen lies on the major urban and industrial Brussels-Antwerp axis, about 15 miles from each city. Mechelen is one of Flanders' historically prominent art cities. It was notably a center for artistic production during the Northern Renaissance, when painters, printmakers, illuminators and composers were attracted by famous patrons including Margaret of York, Margaret of Austria and Jeroen Van Busleyden.

Mechelen is world renowned for its carillon (bells) concerts. Most of the world's carilloners have received their training in Mechelen. Mechelen boasts a wonderful plethora of sites for visitors including the dominating tower of St. Rumbold's Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Schepenhuis Museum houses the revered works of Rik Wouters in an eyecatching building that was once city hall. Visitors strolling through Mechelen will remain enchanted by the colorful buildings with distinct, angular architecture. Tour boats cruise up and down the Inner Dyle river that runs directly through Mechelen, offering relaxation and a unique point of view. With dining and shopping options throughout the historic town centre, Mechelen features a welcoming blend of historic sites and social activities.

Details of Arvada's history with Mechelen coming soon.

This selection of photos encompasses the ASCI's visits to Mechelen as well as the Mechelen delegation's visits to Arvada.


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